‘Tis the season, guys! I know that is a Christmas-y thing to say, but I’m coining it for fall. Give me leaves to crunch, an abundance of nutmeg, and I’m set.

There are plenty of ways to revel, of course, but the one I’m set to enjoy next is the Harvest Festival on October 18th. It’s bound to be 300 times better than the supermoon, since, let’s face it, we didn’t see the supermoon at all.

There are so many fests though. Why go to this Harvest Festival, you ask. You’re discerning and I like that about you. There are 2 X-factors: the location and the host. It’s at Laumeier Sculpture Park and Sauce magazine is putting it on. Imagine you’re strolling around an outdoor museum in October with a great libation in your left hand and delicacies in your right. Nah. Sounds like you wouldn’t like that at all. Right?

Oh yeah, and I’ll be there doing what I do best, so you should definitely come. Be sure to swing by my tent to say hi. I suppose you can be friendly with the other artists and makers there too, while you’re at it. Just do it between 11am and 5pm, because otherwise you’ll miss out on the fun.

You’ll need a ticket, so hook yourself up on the site Sauce prepared here.

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